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Schermafbeelding 2021-05-19 om 00.53.35.png

Mean curve and
collective pixel beat

demo - composition made for

'The sound of Data' project as part of Esch 2022 cultural capital of Europe.

video made in collaboration with Thomas Evans, Bruno Teheux and Hugo Parlier

performed live @ Rockhal Luxemburg

During Esch 2022 events, visitors were allowed to draw images (curves or pixels) on ipads.

From the curves that were drawn, an average or 'mean' curve drawing was calculated.

The X, Y and tangent data from this ‘mean’ curve is translated into a polyphonic counterpoint with bowed strings and data-bended sounds from 10 randomly selected curve drawings. During the composition, the curve sounds are gradually taken over by rhythms created from an average of user interaction timestamps from pixel drawings.  Every time someone tapped the screen while drawing a pixel drawing, you hear computer, iPad and violin pizzicato sounds forming a collective beat.

Warming stripes

live version @ Stormkop

‘warming stripes’ geeft een tijdslijn weer van temperaturen van de afgelopen 100 jaar verbonden met een kleurcode van tinten rood naar tinten blauw, die via DMX en 2 lampen werden weergegeven. Deze compositie maakte ik naar het idee van de climate stripes van Ed Hawkins.

'Levels of sea surface'
REwork from the Sea surface temperature aria composition by dr. Lee De Mora

De compositie bestaat uit data-gesonifieerde melodieën die de stijgende water-oppervlakken weergeven en tegelijkertijd mogelijke toekomstscenario's in harmonie brengen.


go check out his work:

DEMO Levels of sea surface Hester-1
00:00 / 05:04

Corona Serenade #26

During the lockdown, the whole city became more quiet and music became even more magical. Studio Tropics and Poolhert productions teamed up and paid a (socially distanced) visit to 30 performers and musicians all over the city of Antwerp. Their 26th stop was at Hesters place. 

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