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picture by Fred Mck production taken in DeSingel (Antwerp).

Wibke Storkan

In 2023 we collaborated on the movie for Wibkes newest solo project; where I made music for the video clip


Skins of an onion

What happens if...? 
What happens at that exact moment when I encounter something unknown?
What happens in that moment of not knowing?
What happens when I trust that something will come?

"SKINS OF ONION" explores different feelings that are interconnected and layered. How can the individual skins be removed? What does each layer stand for? Is there a core?
In structured improvisation, Wibke Storkan moves through different emotional states and movement qualities. Dance, music, camera and costume become different elements of an interplay, which are given great freedom in the reduced setting in the empty space flooded with sunlight. "SKINS OF ONION" captures exactly this moment, when the question arises "What happens if...?"

The dance/film project "SKINS OF ONION" was created as part of the research funding of the Fonds Darstellende Künste 2022/23. In her research, Wibke Storkan dealt with the topic of fear and pursued central questions such as: To what extent is fear reflected in our bodies? How can body, dance and fear become integrative components? Wibke is particularly interested in the intersection between dance as a performative medium and dance/movement as a creative embodied form of therapy.

Dance & Concept: Wibke Storkan
Directed & photographed: Andrej Johannes Thieme
Costume: Clara Fee Stürzl
Music: Hester-1
Gaffer: Ferid Barak
Editing & Colors: Andrej Johannes Thieme 

Chiara Dazi at Treptow Ateliers, Matthias Hecht for technical support

Wibke Storkan

For Wibkes graduation project in 2017 at the conservatory of Antwerp, we collaborated on a piece called


Tempus Praesens




                        *MAKE HASTE SLOWLY


                               LINGER IN SPEED

A space.

Enter it.

Experience it.

Leave it.

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